Here’s why:

1. We’ll treat you with respect. Our managers don’t believe in yelling or any form of hostility. We will make your responsibilities clear and if you fail to meet them you will be held accountable, but never in a way that demeans or belittles you. We believe that consistent lines of accountability are the key to a well managed, but never hostile work environment.

2. We want to see you accomplish your goals and we’ll do whatever we can to help you. We understand that working for us may only be a chapter of your life and that your career aspirations may be outside of our organization. We embrace these challenges and we want to help you get there! We’ll work with your school schedule, help you build necessary skills, write reference letters and whatever else we can do to help!

3. We’ll work with your schedule. Everybody’s lives are complicated and we understand that. Some of you have families, school or maybe another job etc. Whenever possible, we do what we can to work with you.

4. We offer health, dental and vision benefits to all employees averaging over 25 hours per weekEmployer contributions vary depending on your position and plan participation but we do offer more options and contribute more than most employers.

5. We nurture a positive work culture. Work may be called “work”, but we don’t believe it actually has to feel that way. We are firm believers that a happy staff that’s having fun on the job will be far more likely to take great care of our guests and each other. To do this our managers place a great deal of emphasis on hiring responsible people with great attitudes. And just as important, we won’t let a bad apple poison that culture. If somebody finds them self as the common denominator in multiple instances of drama and conflict, they won’t last in our organization.

6. We like to have fun! It’s not uncommon for us to sanction a group activity or a company party. We work hard together sometimes we have to play together too!

7. We pay competitive rates. We’re not afraid to pay you what you are worth as long as you’re comfortable demonstrating you’re worth it.

8. We’ll give you honest feedback. We’ll let you know where you stand. We’ll let you know your strengths, weakness and what you need to do to get the raise or promotion you might be seeking.

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